Ex-FTX US President Hints at Future Disclosure of Insider Info

The former president of FTX US took to Twitter, questioning the motives behind contemporary tech startups remaining private for long periods of time instead of seeking public funding, preferring to raise funds by issuing tokens.

However, he had to face the expected questions about the FTX controversy.

Staying Vague

Owing to his previous prestigious position – from which he stepped down in September last year, while FTX still seemed to be a powerhouse of the crypto industry – he was immediately assailed by community members, who asked him for any info on the implosion of the exchange.

Harrison chose to remain tight-lipped, replying that he would share the requested info “in time.”

Cooperation With Authorities Not Confirmed

Harrison also provided another vague response to a more hot-headed response to his post. When asked why he is not in jail, the former president of FTX US chose to remain tight-lipped, essentially telling the inquisitive sleuth to figure it out himself.

He was also asked whether he was cooperating with authorities investigating the FTX collapse. Understandably, no reply was offered, as cooperation between individuals and government agencies tends to stay under wraps until the latter decides otherwise.

Harrison has not been a part of the ongoing FTX trial and has not had any accusations leveled against him by any regulatory body. Since stepping down from his position as president of FTX US, he’s been seeking funding for his own crypto startup.

“I’m remaining in the industry with the goal of removing technological barriers to full participation in and maturation of global crypto markets, both centralized and decentralized.”

Currently, Harrison is reportedly seeking $6 million in venture capital funding and values his startup at $60 million, according to The Information.

The fact that Harrison left FTX US with his hands clean may indeed convince investors that he was at the exchange with genuine intentions and seeks to put his hard-earned expertise to good use. If this is the case, it’s possible the funding will be secured in spite of the current bear market.

Meanwhile, FTX’s legal woes continue with the potential seizure of Robinhood assets in Sam Bankman-Fried’s control and more.

With a trial date for SBF set for the 2nd of October, any information Brett Harrison may have regarding the collapse of FTX will undoubtedly be given due attention by US investigators.

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