Twitter Crypto Price Index Feature Now Includes More Than 30 Tokens

Twitter recently added 30 more tokens to its Crypto Price Index or $Cashtags feature. The $Cashtags service allows users to check the price of individual cryptocurrencies. The users need only type in the name of the cryptocurrency to check its price. Twitter started this feature in 2012 but added cryptocurrencies on 21st December 2022. 

Importance Of This Decision And The $Cashtags Feature

The social media platform users are already applauding this decision by Twitter. Now they can search the current price of ETH, BTC, XRP, DOGE, LTC, BUSD, SOL, ADA, DAI, AVAX, UNI, SHIB, BNB, USDC, OKD, LIDO, DOT, TRX, BCH, XLM, MANA, and SAND, etc. the platform’s new CEO, Elon Musk, is a staunch supporter of DogeCoin (DOGE).

As seen above, one of the users shared the excitement and gratitude for adding $DOGE to the $Cashtags. This new addition will make access to crucial information about a cryptocurrency, like its price, accessible. TradingView enables the price information on the platform within the $Cashtags feature.

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In the list of new cryptocurrencies, Twitter has added the top 20 by market capitalization at the time of additions. 

Another function of the Cashtags feature is its direct access to the price page. When any user adds a $ symbol in front of the eligible stocks and cryptocurrencies, it will generate a clickable link. This link will take the users to the price page. 

In December 2022, the platform also enhanced its Search Results for Cashtags. It now shows real-time price graphs. The company’s devs will gradually add more cryptocurrencies to the mix, but the timeline for the addition is not determined. 

In addition to extracting information from TradingView, the price graph will also include a link to the trading platform Robinhood. At this point, there is no proof of a formal partnership agreement between Twitter and Robinhood. 

More Crypto-Specific Updates Coming To Twitter

Elon Musk is the face of Twitter 2.0. Under its new CEO’s leadership, the social media platform will continue to add more features and functions specific to cryptocurrencies. Starting with Cashtags, the company will also enable crypto payments down the line. 

These slides hint at Elon Musk’s new vision for the social media platform’s future. In all these talks and updates, users assume that Elon Musk will have a special place for Dogecoin.

Dogecoin graph amid Twitter Updates

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As the social media platform is going forward, it is increasing the volume of integration to the crypto-verse. Will Twitter bring new features besides the tentative crypto payments to the platform? Stay tuned for the update. • 2022