CZ Reassures Binance Still Supports Voyager Deal Amid Questionable Headlines

Some reports have started running rampant following a tweet that CryptoPotato created earlier today.

More specifically, the tweet in question is this:

  • It is related to recent developments with the SEC motion that opposes the attempt of BinanceUS to acquire Voyager Digital.
  • BinanceUS entered into a deal with Voyager back in December 2022, but the SEC objected in February this year.
  • Recent reports revealed some of the arguments that the US Bankruptcy Judge overseeing the case made in relation to the lack of explanation on behalf of the SEC.
  • Judge Michael Wiles said:

Deliberative is one thing, but what have you done? If there are reasons to be concerned here, I need to hear specifics.

  • He also said:

I’m shocked a regulator would come in and say: ‘I’m charged with regulatory authority over these things. These are reasons that I have concerns because they’re within my regulatory jurisdiction, but I’ve done nothing, I have nothing to offer to you …

  • CZ, the CEO of Binance, quote-tweeted CryptoPotato’s post, saying, “Maybe we should pull out?”
  • Very quickly after, he was quick to clarify that Binance is in full support of the deal:

We are still in support of the deal and helping returning funds to users as quickly as possible, if allowed to do so.

  • This comes amid somewhat questionable headlines, saying that CZ is “pondering” exiting the deal “after US scrutiny.”
  • Nowhere has CZ mentioned anything about “US scrutiny.”
  • Interestingly enough, the report itself says that a Binance spokesperson disbands the headline, saying that the company “remains committed to the Voyager transaction.” The article was also updated to include CZ’s additional comment.

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