TiTi Protocol Plans to Launch the Ethereum Mainnet on May 16

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TiTi Protocol, crypto-native stablecoin protocol, announced that it will officially launch the Ethereum mainnet on May 16 and launch a brand new decentralized stablecoin — TiUSD. TiTi Protocol is a fully decentralized, multi-asset reserve-backed, prevent bankrun, Use-to-Earn stablecoin protocol.


What is TiTi Protocol?

TiTi Protocol is a fully collateralized, multi-asset reserve, bankrun resistant, use-to-earn decentralized stablecoin. With its new paradigm, TiTi Protocol becomes the first stablecoin that adopts “Use-to-Earn” and prevents bank-run inherently. TiUSD is the stablecoin issued by the TiTi protocol, while TiTi is the protocol’s governance token.

Previously, TiTi Protocol announced in April 2022 that it had completed a financing of US$3.5 million led by The Spartan Group, with participation from SevenX Ventures, Incuba Alpha, DeFi Alliance, Agnostic Fund, Fourth Revolution Capital (4RCapital), Solidity Venture, and other institutions, as well as other individual investors including 0xb1 (Fold Finance), Tascha and Nipun (Alpha Venture DAO), and Michael (Fantom).

In addition, TiTi Protocol has completed a 3-rounds smart contract Audit by Slowmist, Hacken and Peckshield.

TiTi Protocol to Be Launched Soon

TiTi Protocol announced that it will launch the Ethereum mainnet on May 16, and plans to start the second round of airdrops.

According to TiTi’s tokenomics, 50% of $TiTi will be used as incentives for community members and distributed to community users through long-term Epoch cycles and other forms. Please refer to the Doc for specific release & distribution.

After the TiTi mainnet launch, there will be Yield Farming Rewards Epochs every 28 days. Each Epoch, the protocol governance Token $TiTi will be distributed as an incentive to protocol users via multiple strategies. In the first Epoch, up to 2 million $TiTi will be provided as rewards. The proportion of rewards for each mining strategy is different. Users need to choose a strategy that earns higher returns according to the level of APY.

TiTi rewards for Epoch 1 will start from May 16th – June 13th, 2 million $TiTi will be distributed during period 1.

  • MMF: 15%
  • LP Mining: 30%
  • Use-to-Earn: 15%
  • TiTi Staking: 40%

About TiTi Protocol

TiTi Protocol is a decentralized, 100% collateral-backed, crypto-native stablecoin, aiming to provide diversified and decentralized financial services based on the crypto-native stablecoin system and autonomous monetary policy.

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